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I received my first order of products from GDR LABS in November of 2023. I was having back pains from a car accident in 2022. I ordered “CONOCB2” and PHYTO TEST. Up until this point I was on pills for my back and my doctor was concerned too many pills would affect my liver. I began taking “CONOCB2″ when I first got up in the morning, usually around 6:30 am. For the first couple of days, I did not feel any reaction to the medication. I was using the ‘one drop” direction. Within an hour on the third day after taking the “CONOCB2″ i COULD FEEL THE CHANGE IN MY BACK.”NO PAIN”. I will continue to use “CONOCB2” as long as needed with no worries for my kidneys. CONOCB2 works very well for me.


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