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I have been interested in the possibilities of some effective but not harvested HGF since I began seriously lifting weights while assigned to an Army Reserve Brigade in Texas in 1987. There have been a lot of failures over the decades trying to accomplish what our pituitary glands but after peaking in our early 20s and declining from there. The use of plant based formulas to achieve that desired effect seems long overdue. I have been using the NUTRA IGF+ and the PHYTO TEST+ for about 3 months during a period when I have been limited by utterly unrelated factors from more than basic maintenance workouts in the gym. The results with no dietary changes have made me a believer. I can see differences in my arms, chest, shoulders and neck thst I have not attained otherwise. My waist had ballooned from a 36 to a 42 and trending back to a 35.5–36. Combined with Juverin, I have experienced a improvement in libido and perfotmance that has pleasantly surprised my spouse. One thing that I have found amazing is the impact CONOCBC2 as liquid, semisolid paste and rolling forms. I chose to retire earlier than I had planned after a very successful career as an Army First Sergeant because my back had given out from doing s lot of the Command Sergeant Major of an adjacent unit called ” juvenile crap.” If my young soldiers had to do it, TOP Farrell had to do it or die trying…so I hadn’t seen a choice. So with a permanent profile that forbade running, marching, carrying a ruck sack, wearing a helmet or web gear, or shooting a weapon except a pistol, I knew what my dressed like a bush future looked like and didn’t want it.Well, using the CONOBC2 is making me reconsider putting a loaded pack on my back and going for a run. All neck and back pain alleviated; all leg pain gone even at drop sets starting at 550; headaches and cramps gone away. I am almost 73, and I can honestly say I feel better than I have since I was 40. Even some alleviation from FROST for Carpal Tunnel in both wrists. (In my case, that is from lots of guitar playing and pistol shooting. I’ve got a meeting this afternoon but tomorrow I feel an attack of “that juvenile shit” coming on strong. I kmow thst I am not as good as I once was and I can never be agsin, but I can be a lot better at being in my 70s and with these supplements and more juvenile stuff, I can’t wait to see how good that can be.

-Michael C Farrell

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