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Because of an auto accident involving the right front quadrant of my SUV, a smaller car racing around a corner at a very fast speed crashed into and under my auto, sending severe vibrations up my right leg and across my low lumbar area, destroying vertebrae’s and nerves, while brake was used sitting still. After a horrible 360degree surgery which included opening up my abdomen by a cardiovascular surgeon to push aside all organs and arteries, an orthopedic surgeon placed a basket and bolt in my spine. I was turned over, and two slits on either side of the spine were made to put two brackets and 2 rods with four screws. I have lived a life of hell for 14yrs, believing GOD had another plan for me, and that was to heal me. After doctors wanted to do more surgery on me and not give me any more pain meds, I decided I had had enough with doctors and decided to take my life back. I found your site with the Conolidine1 extra strength and decided to take the plunge. Actually, your site just showed up!! I had previously tried it and couldn’t tolerate the burning, so I gave up the idea; until orange was put into it. Wow, what a difference. Along with it and a potent CBD, I’m on the road to recovery!! I was removed from my pain mgmt doctor after all of the “Session’s” fiasco with the border and had to deal with all the withdrawals myself!!! But, my Lord Jesus came through again as always. Nothing is ever by chance; GOD didn’t want me to be on the pain meds any longer, so He created a diversion for me. At first, I didn’t think I would make another day, but GOD put before me to choose either life or death. Either way, I’m His, bought and paid for. But, He said so loudly, choose Life!! Praise GOD for His Mercy and Grace through His SON, Jesus Christ. He never changes; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!! He is sufficient for me in every way. Praise the Name of the LORD! And thank you for providing the Conolidine1

extra strength—GOD does work miracles!!

–Melissa Evans

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