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I’ve always had some kind of pain from all the damage I’ve done to my body in my younger years. I’ve been clipped while riding my motorcycle and had to lay it down while doing 85 or so mph. I damaged my thoracic spinal area and broken my left knee, all back when I was in my early 20s. I’m describing a portion of my chronic pain to give you an idea of my daily intensity of pain so you understand what CONOCB2 has done for me.I’m now using the clinical strength liquid I have nearly no pain in my thoracic region of my spine (compared to having previously been prescribed 90mg of morphine daily which I no longer take). And my knee, I am able to walk without a brace or using kinesiology taping techniques to help support my knee. Do I still have pain? Yes as I am over 50yo and my body no longer produces endorphins on its own. But my chronic pain has lessened over 70% which to me is a freaking miracle! Do GDRs products cost a pretty penny? Yes, but what is it worth to you to not feel as much or as much intensity of your pain worth to you? Plus you can write a review, like I am, and get a big discount, or just get on their mailing/text list and wait a bit bcz they’re guaranteed to give you a discount each and every time I get a text from GDR!You got nothing to lose as they have a guarantee but… I guarantee once you try the CONOCB2 drops you’ll agree that it just might be worth it! And pain will agree!

-Ryan Ohashi

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