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I suffer from 8 (eight) irreversible diagnoses. The most advanced is the peripheral nerve pain caused by 45+ years of DM T2. I was assessed by a specialist – persistent pain management – who prescribed Lyrica 150 mg 2xd, Duloxetine 60 mg 1xd and Palexia 100mg 2xd. The combination of medications made me unresponsive to my surroundings, heavily influenced by drugs and my enjoyment of life rapidly approached “zero”. I was to ditch the drugs which were making my head in an unreasonable state of self-doubt. I by chance read about Conolidine and immediately ordered 3 bottles. Amazingly, the pain had been managed much easier with no side effects. I purchased the second “lot” and added the topical cream. I started using it as a necessary backup when on the trips to medical appointments. I also use it to manage my lover’s back pain (two prolapsed discs). It is more evident in comparison to CBD oil. Pity that advisors to the politicians live on perks from Big Pharma and no financial support is provided to any alternative medicine products even Western Herbal Medicine. By taking Conocob2 hospital strength I am able to function reasonably well.

-Richard Cosma

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