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I purchased carditrol+for my blood pressure it’s help a little, still taking my prescriptions also. I also purchased gabasom+ it has helped me with my insomnia and also with my anxiety, I I’ve this stuff. I also purchased conocb2 for my back pain and my right knee as I am getting a knee replacement on March 6th, I also am using my pain prescription as my pain level is usually a 8 to 10. But believe it has helped me alot to make my prescriptions last longer. I also purchased cholamax+ for my vitamin D but I can tell u much about this one as I have had bronchitis 2 times and taking antibiotics and steroids since purchased it. I would like to try yr new stronger conocB that I have been reading about with my 91.00 credit, can u get back to me about this please. I also purchased conocB2 clinical strength and I really like this it really help my pain in my hands , knee, and back.

-Kathy L Dunn

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