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In the past 45 days I have tried several GDR products and love them all. They each produce results as advertised!Two standouts that I’ve already highly recommended to my family and friends based upon stellar results are CLINICAL STRENGTH NUTRA IGF +, and “THE STAR” CONOCB2 in both the Daily Relief Support liquid and the Topical Relief Support cream/wax.As a chronic pain patient for over 30 years I’ve just about tried every pain reliever out there including prescription narcotics. CONOCB2 exceeded my expectations! It’s highly effective providing quick relief without any side effects. The daily Relief Support taken as directed has reduced my chronic pain by 60-75% or more! I’m NOT exaggerating! On days when source pain flares up I use the Topical Relief Support and within just minutes I enjoy immediate pain relief! Whether it’s my spine, shoulders, elbows or knees, it stops pain in its tracks!I highly recommend all GDR LABS products! Finally I’ve found a Company that truly cares about it’s customers and can honestly back up their claims about their products.I’m 63 years young and can finally enjoy my retirement feeling great and with little to no pain thanks to GDR!

-Steve Ritchie

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