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My daughter has suffered from chronic pediatric daily migraine since she was about 2 years old. She’s twelve now and has five prescriptions besides the constant use of painkillers like Motrin and Tylenol. I started her on conocb2 three weeks ago and she didn’t have one migraine the first week (and she quit her prescriptions cold turkey even though I told her not to do that). The next week she went on a week long youth trip – usually she needs heavy medication to survive all the driving and sleep disturbances, but she only had one mild headache that went away with one dose of Motrin. The third week she did have a regular old migraine episode that took her down for a whole day. Overall, it seems that conocb2 has helped to reduce the frequency of migraines by a significant percentage- and that she has been able to reduce her medications significantly! she has not had such a happy energetic three weeks since I can remember. We will continue to take conocb2

– Vic simmonds 

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