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OMG! Relief!I have back injuries to both my lumbar (lower) and thoracic (mid) spine and had been seeing a pain mgmt doctor for years. But all he wanted to give me were opiate pain meds and ridiculously expensive spinal ablations. After 5 years I had it with the opiates and paying $800+ after insurance for each ablation! I needed to find another way to manage my pain.I stumbled across GDR and ended up researching Conolidine for a few weeks and decided to give it a shot. I first weened myself off of the opiates over 2 weeks, then I received my order from GDR and flipped out when it took my pain away! It took 85% of my back pain away me I was sold, even though it seemed a little expensive. But then I started getting texts from GDR and getting discounts! I bought a couple hundred dollars worth bcz it’s that good! I then called my doctor and told him no more, that I’m done with the drugs and all the ridiculousness that is Pain Management using strong narcotics that can kill you!I am a happy camper using many of the different offerings that GDR has and will be a forever customer bcz their ConoCB2 is top notch natural medication that works wonders!

-Ryan Ohashi

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