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At 72 have’n spent 51/2 years as a Marine starting in 1969 as a MP and fighting almost everyday -a lot of pounding on others and of course I received my fair share -then college and climbing verticalRock like half dome -I incurred quite a few injuries -martial arts tore my knee and have toHave surgery -I’ve had 3 shoulder surgery’s -and spent 15 years as a sprinkler fitter installing the systems that control and put out fires in buildings. All heavy -pulling on wrench’s all above my head all hard on my shoulders -then I started weight lifting at 59 and did body building and won my first contest at 61. My body is worn out my pain is over the top-tried everything nothing has worked-I’ve been in pain on a level that makes walk like I’m 80. Your product is awesome -it wasn’t over night but I started to take it 2 times a day -and now 3 weeks later I can walk like I’m in my 50’s. It works!!!!!!I believe I can back off to once a day to be able to get through a day without that kind of pain is a God send.k

-Stephen schlesinger

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