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After reading all of the information that was on this site and seeing that bonified testing had been done, and then reading upwards of 100 reviews, I decide to buy a bottle of the ticture that was intended for pain. I have quite a few problems and won’t take any prescription pain medication for it, but I also live in constant pain, and have for several years now. When I saw your ad for the CONOCBC2, I knew it had my name written on it, but even more so, my husband has several serious problems that cause extreme pain shooting outward. It strikes suddenly and so q him an hour to do, literally will take anywhere from 2-5 days to do, and that is working the same job duties as he had before the start of this nightmare. Now, I have taken this “nice tasting” Nuh uhi t as recommended, and I must say,. it is very .. I can move around better, to games, nd do ……….

-Stephanie Lawrence

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