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I’ve had a history of pain from several near deadly car wrecks which resulted in a several year addiction to painkillers which even after getting sober left me dealing with insufferable pain. I grinned and and bared until I began taking ConcoB2, which not only began easing my major pains but also my aching joints almost immediately and within 2-4 days all the pain was not just tolerable but gone! Also, the years of opiate abuse left me with a high tolerance for any analgesic and led to a sense of malaise and depression living with a body whose entire natural endogenous opioid system was stripped suddenly gone! My body didn’t merely cease aching and hurting but my mood lifted and I began feeling like I honestly never believed I ever would again. It was as if I’d never gone through the hellish experience of living with a damaged endogenous opioid system at all! I know this may sound like hyperbole but I mean every word of this. ConocoB2 is a godsend that not only wiped out my pain and misery in a nearly miraculously short time period but has rejuvenated my entire body and mind as well! I honestly cannot say enough about this amazing product. If you’re tired of pain and don’t want to use prescription pain meds or are currently having to use them to get through the day or even feel like I did, hopeless, and miserable because of said medications, then do yourself the greatest favor currently legally available! You will be shocked that a legal “supplement “ is actually as advertised. I was very skeptical but I’m so grateful I overcame my own cynicism and gave ConocoB2 a try! And that’s just one of the wonderful products GDR labs offer. And as someone with years working in the supplement and health food industry I can reiterate that GDR labs are the real deal!

-Ross Allan Brockway

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