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I purchased a bottle of the Conolidine 1 to try with hopes that it would relieve some discomfort and joint pain, which I expect is related to arthritis. I am 79 years old and have been quite healthy my entire life, but some of those years and exercising, etc is apparently catching up with me. I also have a rotator cuff injury from years ago and one knee that gives me difficult with my daily walks some times. I have a kidney situation that makes it wise for me to not take aspirin, aleve and those nsaids. I occasionally take an acetaminophen for pain relief, but not very effectively. I have found the Conolidine 1 to be considerably more effective in resolving and treating not only my joint complaints, but amazingly is very effective in reducing the discomfort and pain in the surrounding muscle tissue in my legs and those surrounding the joint issues. I have been VERY happy with the results and thankful for the additional relief in the muscle tissue as well. I use it prn and find that I can expect relief in 10 – 15 minutes which totally amazed me. Frequently I wake with the discomfort issues and right after a shower, take the dose of Conolidine 1 and start my day pain free. Sometimes I take another dose later in the day or the evening and get the same relief. Personally I can STRONGLY recommend this product for individuals with similar needs to the ones I have described. Thank you…..

-James Ennis

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