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I broke my neck last Dec. 27th, and am still recovering, I was in quite a bit of pain, for many reasons, the HALO kept loosening, and had to be tightened, which entailed an 8 hour round trip to the hospital and back, which was painful, going and returning. Also I also had to get my gall bladder removed, as I developed gall stones. Then when I was well enough to walk, the blown disks in my lower back started giving me a lot of pain. I eventually figured out this was caused by my walker, after a few months. I should have known much sooner, but I’m apparently not that smart. In any case Conolidine relieved my pain far better than opioids, and without causing the constipation problems. I also like the fact that it’s non-addictive, and fast acting, much faster than pills (that didn’t work anyway ) and a single dose works for several hours. I’m using less now, as I’m healing, and I no longer use a walker, but still use it when I have a flare up of pain, for whatever reason, bursitis, arthritis, whatever, it works so I use it. I’d recommend it for any kind of persistent pain, or recurring pain. I doubt I’d take it for a temporary pain, like hitting your thumb hammering a nail, it’s to expensive to waste that way.

-Steven Hyde

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