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My wife was with me when I picked up my first order of Conolidine 1 2000 extra strength at the local post office. As soon as I got back to the car I ripped open the box and took a 1 ml. dropper full of the Conolidine underneath my tongue. “WOW!” I exclaimed to my wife. The pain in my leg from an open ulcer was IMMEDIATELY gone. I mean, like within 3 seconds. “This is great stuff” I said. Later that evening I took another dose for the neuropathy pain that I get every evening. The pain started out on a level of “8” and within several minutes had dropped down to a “5” or so. Not as fast nor as complete as the ulcer pain, but definitely it was reduced. I used to take 3 or 4 NORCO pills every night in order to get the pain down to where I could fall asleep. Now I take 1 or possibly 2 NORCO’s and a squirt of Conolidine. My goal is to eventually get off of the NORCO all together.

-Matthew Matchett

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