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I have lots of arthritis (hands, shoulders, back, knees, etc.) I have been overactive with years of yard work, raising a family, computers, cleaning, lifting…etc. So my joints have started reminding me this is “pay-back” for not being more gentle with work habits. My hands have been the most painful..(they are used for EVERYTHING!) So…When the palm of my hand & trigger fingers start that aching pain…I now go for the jar of Conolidine Topical…I message the cream…into the skin, and in minutes, the pain is almost gone. I then top it off by putting on some gloves, kicking back, and resting my hands. For several hours…the pain is gone! I sometimes forget I have a pain problem! Temporary? I don’t know, don’t care…This is good stuff and a safe pain reliever.

–Jefferey Marley

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