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I was involved in a near fatal car accident. Too many injuries to list but the worst part was I went blind in my left eye due to a detached retina. I was able to find a Harvard Trauma Surgeon to repair it with a 5 percent chance of success due that it was hanging by a thread, truly a miracle but the hospital mid-diagnosis on my back MRI and was told after the MRI was read by a specialist, They told me that I had a small fracture on my lower lumbar bone. I told him and the nurses that I couldn’t feel my legs that well and they yelled at me that MRI’s are never wrong and I will be back to normal within a month. Within that month I could no longer walk and was bent over 90 degrees. I went to a specialist and she sent me to Bowse Imaging and saw her 30 days later. The first question was how have you been walking the last few months? I had a 50 percent spinal cord compression that required 8 back surgeries 10 years ago and am still not right. I was promised a low dose of medication that would keep me out of pain! WRONG! They patched me up just enough to keep me coming back every month for nothing but money. I have been in daily pain because of of the doctor said that she had to protect her license. How about the patient that signed his life away before ever operation? The answer to keep me walking and help with the pain is GDR not opioids that are prescribed to someone who doesn’t drink alcohol smoke or drugs. GDR is the answer as there are no addiction issues or side effects and Thank God for them as they have done everybody a favor in taking years to develop a medication that actually works for less money that Big Pharma will charge you for no results. I encourage you to look into trying this out for yourself to manage your own health and pain, It works great with no issues like drowsiness or hectic issues in the bathroom.Don’t run your self out of your medicine from the pharmacy or you will be dialing 911 immediately. And one more piece of advice Don’t hurt yourself because nobody in the hospital or your doctor cares about you! I can tell you this first hand because of the destruction that I have been through for Ten years.. The only thing that will make a difference is GDR. Give it a try because you will get results.

-Mark Colosimo

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