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I am on my second bottle of CONOCB2. After trying many “natural” and chemical products for pain control, CONOCB2 is the 1st product that had brought the relief I was looking for. I’ve been living with pain for the last 5 years due to losing cartilage in my knees. And no matter in what position I was, lying in bed, sitting, standing or walking, I was in pain. No other product that I tried gave me relief. But when I started using CONOCB2 (with the 1st bottle) I started feeling relief from the pain. I am able to walk more distance (able to go shopping in big stores like Home Depot) and feel no pain while I am sitting or lying in bed. I am very grateful for this product, and I am happy it is a natural product with no chemicals. Thanks to the people from GDR Labs.

-Mageña Figueroa

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