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I have learned that I may adjust the dosage so that it gives me the relief that I need and I was amazed just the other morning when I realized that when I got out of bed, I wasn’t wincing, nor did I need to give myself a moment to adjust to the pain so that I could trust my knees before I began walking. Due to injuries to my knees in my early twenties, and the arthritis that runs in my family, my knees have been growing more and more painful through the years, and when I saw the ad for this all natural product, I was hopeful that it would live up to the promises and was willing to try it. I am really delighted with the results and hope that now that I have come to understand how best to utilize this product that I will be able to resume doing more things that I have not been doing because I was in too much pain to do and would invite more pain after because my knees and other joints would be painful and stiff. Not anymore. I am really very pleasantly surprised that this product delivers exactly what it promises! Phenomenal. I am recommending this to my friends who have their own issues and using an all natural product would work into their daily routines as easily as it has mine. Now, I may resume my gardening efforts without having to stop every few minutes to give my knees a rest and I am also able to resume my other hobbies because it is no longer painful to get out of chairs after sitting still for awhile doing projects. I am just so excited and thrilled! Thank you!

-Stephanie Schleh

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