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I suffered a very critical auto accident, on 3/29/22, that literally brought my life to an almost instant death!The injuries that I sustained, was a fractured sternum, fractured ribs, a punctured left lung,, both right & left shoulder’/ rotator cuff’s torn, severe damage to my spine / several disk, plus several other internal injuries!For 16 months , my pain level , never went below a level of a (9), 7/24!I am a 74 yr old Veteran.I was treated at the Veterans ER near my Home.I was not prescribed any type of pain medication, in order to get any pain relief at All, I had to go to a local Walmart Store , pick out a couple hundred dollars worth of pain relief medications . & try them ( one at a time) until I found (1) that gave me the most relief!My PT therapist, recommend that after my required therapy was completed, that I should purchase a Gym membership & workout a minimum of 3 /4 days per week / for 1 plus hour each time, or I would be in a wheelchair, for the rest of my life!This caused , even more pain( if that could even be possible!!I have always told everyone that I wanted to live, to the age of 100 plus!!Due to all of the injuries , I knew I would have to invest ina lot of research, into a lot of different supplements, that was designed to help repair & restore , all of the damage , that the accident had caused.That is what I have done & are still doing daily!One of the products listed , is one of bay supplements, that I started taking a few weeks ago , that I am starting to feel the good results from!!The most important benefit is , that for the first time, since the accident, I have started having A day or so ( without any pain!!)I have seen statements lots of tines( in Refersnce to how well certain advertised products has worked , 90% of them is worthless) & a person would feel mush better , eating a bag, of (M& M candy’s !!My Family, friends ,& doctors, can vouch for this statement!!As everyone knows, (( not everyone’s biological makeup)) is the same, & not everyone’s. Body responds the same , exact way, to natural or chemical based products,!!But for a 74 yr old person, with all of the life threatening injuries that my body Has been subjected to, I would say , that it would be well worth the money, for anyone that is trying to recover, from any disability, to invest in!!!

-Larry n adams


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