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Hello,I am a Great Grandma and have lived with extreme pain for many years with no real let up. I ordered CONCCBE2, not really believing that it might help, even in the slightest. I am truly amazed how well it works. It is absolutely amazing. To give you an idea of the level of pain I have lived with, here is a brief real life true story, as an example: I was in the hospital and my doctor gave me Morphine, Morphine, Morphine and then more Morphine, I yelled at my DR. to “give me something for the pain. She told me that she had already given me enough Morphine to kill a horse. I told her she might a well give me a glass of water that it would do more for me.” I have a very high pain tolerance level, however, when pain breaks through it is horrendous. I have lived with terrible pain all of my life, this brief story is just one example of many.

-Mary Abrams

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