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I’m 87 years old and using their CONOCB2 internally to fight severe pains in both knees , left elbow , both left and right hip joints (The right side because I lost a ham string from my pelvis and as it ripped off , it tore 2/3 of the glutaneous muscle from the hip joint causing it to become very weak and painful ) both shoulders, left because of a fall I had and the right because of a gangling sycst that has pushed my rotator cuff off of that ball joint . I have further ordered an ointment of CONOCB2 that can be administered topically to help me with these pains that are making my daily life very difficult ! When I discovered the many uses of their products, I have since ordered NUTRA IGF+ , SIRTUIN+ and TURMRERICCIURVUMIN ! Just a note ! The Turmereric , after the second bottle began to make me constipated! I have since abandoned that one supplement ! Other than that , I plan on being a satisfied customer for as long as I can ! I’m currently 87 years old but a great Author ! ! I have ten books on ! ! Check them out ! ! I need several items now but Social Security sent my third Wednesday payment to the wrong bank branch and now it’s going to come ten days late ! Will I still get discounted rates for not ordering now ? I Will need 6 of your new Sirituin, 6 Krill , 6 Conocb2 and 6 Stem Cell Revive ! How much will these cost me! I want a 6 month for all of them so I won’t have to argue with my wife about order so soon !? Please advise ASAP ! THNKS !

-Paul Winston Rice

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