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I have been using pharm origins products since May of this year. I am 86 years old and have been fighting old age since involved in an auto accident in January of 2015, which messed up my back and knee. I thought to myself, what can I lose if I try some of the products I was seeing. I bowled in a senior league on Mondays and was having problems averaging over 150 after years of 180. Since I have been taking bend flex Conolidine plus for pain and now Phyto test 45 and conolodine joint, I have increased my workouts at Nifty after Fifty and can average around 170 now. I am patiently waiting for the Nutra igf to arrive. Then I will feel 20 years younger and will once again be able to participate in family activities which, up to now, I usually have to sit at home. In contrast, the family goes shopping and other outside activities. Praise the Lord for Pharm Origins and their magnificent product to help the old and feeble seniors feel the average human being once again. Dave Thompson of garden grove, California

–dave T

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