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Hi it’s my pleasure to recommend your products that I am using dairy. They are conolidine 1 raw. Joint. Core. I have been using cono 1 for almost a year the others for about 6 months or more I am 81 years old and have been in construction for 60 years an am still active in building homes. I have serious arthritis back problems and many other aches and pains. I hurt when I get up at 5 o’clock am an as soon as I get to Conolidine 1 within about 20-25 minutes most of the pains are either gone or almost gone. Then after I take the other 3 it takes about 1/2 hr and 99 percent are gone. They stay gone for about 10 hs an I take conolidine 1 an that works till next morning. I have also 7 other people using an all are very happy with results thank you for you wonderful products

-Robert bounds

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