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I BOUGHT THE LIQUID PAIN MEDICINE CONOCB2and the pain cream (same formula) to apply tpoically. I like ❤️ both of them very much. I had 2 back surgeries recently to remove a small spinal mass that kept my legs from working which eewas fine until Dec 22 and suddenly could walk. My lower back discs were also crumbling. I did not want to be addicted to painmeds. You offerA fantastic alternative. I’m impressed with bothof them! Your sublingual drops work right away to relieve over all pain the topical cream is very strong and soothing. Both arches in my feet fell recently I am in foot 👣 🦶 pain all the time now with neuropathy I never had it prior to my 2 recent back surgeries. I’m having to learn how to walk again it’s very painful I’m soooooo unbalanced an fearfulof falling. Both meds help alleviate The tingling sensations so I can feel my feet. I will recommend your products they do work plus they really are batch fresh per-order that’s awesome.I plan to be a lifelong customer who does appreciate your being there for people like me I prefer safe pain relief meds that are natural- holistic not Big Pharma poisons. Customer Deborrah Allen

-Deborrah A Allen

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