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Conolodine is part of God’s long list of His created medicines! I praise Him first and foremost for His love and grace He gives us for these things! I thank Him for working through Mr. Winters to bring these medicines to light for the good of all of us! In a very long list of a myriad of health issues, chronic body pain is front and center. Days of misery is something too many of us live in. A quality of life that doesn’t exist. It is depressing on its best day. I am grateful for being led to Clint Winters products! I purchased the topical Vit. D. years ago when Mr. Winters was fighting with the evil empire that is Big Pharma!! THANK YOU for sticking it out and finding a way Mr. Winters! With the onslaught that I know is an attempt at intimidation, an attempt to LIE and say these do not work, thank you for making a stand for all of us that are unable to!! Thank you for not backing down and giving up, when it’s the hardest!! Why else would they try shutting you down?! They aren’t able to line their pockets with natural resources!! Nor do they want us well! They are one reason He says “money is the root of evil!” They have shown the true meaning of that! And thank you to EVERYONE that’s a part of making these products exist! It’s no easy task! The behind the scenes folks that make it all go around! THANK YOU!ALL of these products work. Plain and simple. Mr. Winters…..take GREAT care of the folks that work with you!!! They believe in these products. It is they, that make your company work!! The Conolodine,  helps tremendously! I pray to end taking opioids one day. Replace them with Conolodine. I’m praising God for your character and integrity to make the best products available in a massive market! Bless you and the rest of the people working to make these happen!!

-Melanie Bamford

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