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I have been physically active throughout my life, playing sports and doing a lot of running. I am a retired PE teacher. In my 30s I was running 10 Ks under a 6:15 mile average. I noticed, as I reached 40 years old, I started getting a lot of nagging injuries that slowed me down considerably. I tried supplements and visiting the doctor trying to get myself back on track. Supplements seem to slow down my decline and doctors always told me I was in great shape for someone of my age. I appreciated the compliment, but I would prefer to be in great shape for any age. By the time I hit 50 years old, I started getting more edgy and more easily frustrated with working out and running along with daily life. I also noticed I only had one testicle, and the other testicle was almost nonexistent. I found this to be a little scary and brought it up to my doctor. His response was that I only needed one testicle and I was just fine. Years went by, and I have continued to get slower, and weaker, but continued to push through and exercise when my body allowed it. Some of my friends referred to me as “Fragile, Frank”, because I was always hurt or had an injury. Most of my life, I have played very good tennis, but now the quality of my game has dropped off a lot and my frustration level seems to get higher and higher. I’ve taken the last year off from tennis, because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself on the court, with terrible play and frustrating behavior. I did find a doctor who would do lab test on my testosterone levels thinking that might be the cause of all my decline or at lease some of it. The test came back and I had a reading of 359. The doctor told me I was fine and within the normal range for testosterone levels. It would be considered low if I had less than a reading of 330 and then I could get support to raise my testosterone levels. I decided to get on the Internet and investigate what my levels of testosterone levels really meant. In a nutshell, I learned that my testosterone levels should be no less than 500 and preferably six or seven hundred or more. So I figured I needed to get more testosterone in my body somehow. I’ve heard so many negative things about getting shots and my doctor would not okay the process anyway. So I investigated supplements and tried all kinds of supplements with very little or no noticeable improvement. I figured I was just stuck seeing my body weather away and become more cranky and irritable the rest of my life. About a month ago I got a junk mail text from Clint Winters. I read the text and all the information, laughing about how it was all too good to be true and just a line of BS trying to sell a product and make a buck off of me and anyone else in my position with nothing to show for it. However, I was resting a groin injury I got running. I was feeling frustrated having to wait probably another 4 to 6 weeks before I could start to run again. It was my routine. Exercise for a few weeks, get some phantom injury, and wait for it to heal for a few weeks to several months. I hated going through this cycle, and at the moment was willing to try anything in desperation. So I ordered the Phyto Test+ clinical strength testosterone supplement. I even decided to purchase a couple more different types of supplements at the same time. When I received the Phyto Test+ I started taking it right away. Within the week I felt a lot less irritable than I had for a long time, but I decided that was just a placebo effect and my desperate hope to get better. However, after the first week, I noticed my right testicle was getting bigger. I thought it was my imagination, but I had a left testicle that I thought was gone forever!! Holy crap!! I don’t believe the placebo effect can do that! Over the last couple weeks, my left testicle has been continuing to develop. For the last few years, I’ve been doing knee push-ups to take the stress off my shoulder and wrist joints and weakening muscles.. A week ago I decided to do some exercise in the living room while waiting for my groin to heal. I decided to do regular push-ups and did 20 without a problem. I decided it was a fluke. A couple days later I did 20 more standard push-ups with no problem or pain… and it felt good. Up to about 15 years ago I was doing sets of 10 to 12 pull-ups until I reached 100 total pull-ups a day. On a good day, I could do 20 standard pull-ups correctly in one set. Those numbers dropped off significantly within a few years due to joint pain and just overall weakness. I have not done pull-ups more than two or three in a month for the last 10 years. A week or two ago I decided to do a few pull-ups and did five full extension pull-ups without any problem. I did five more pull-ups a couple days later. My tendency is always push myself to do things. I have decided not to do that this time as it usually ends with some type of injury causing me to take time off. I am going to rest, let my body heal and continue to take the Phyto Test+ and see how my body develops. For now, I say thank you Clint Winters and DGR for giving me some hope that I may be able to do more than just survive, but to thrive once again.


-Frank Haydon

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