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I have never commented on a product before, but I felt that I had to write to tell you about my experience with Conolidine 1. I recently donated a kidney to a friend whose prospects of receiving one on the five-year waiting list were very low. In the hospital, I was given the standard narcotics for pain < Oxycotin> and many high doses of Tylenol. I was reluctant to take the Oxy as I was aware of how addictive it can be, but when the pain was terrible, I did take it. When I arrived home two days later with all my prescription meds, I stopped taking the Tylenol and Oxy and only took Conolidine 1. I was so pleased with how quickly it took effect, being sublingual, and also at how well it worked for counteracting my pain. I have the higher dose 750mg bottle, which is so effective. At first, I needed to take it every 4 hours, but after a week, I dropped to every 6 hours and now only take it at night if I have had a particularly rough day. I am healing well, and I credit Conolidine 1, Vitamin C, and many prayers from my friends for the quick recovery. Thank you for a great product.

–Ashley Culver

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