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I had heard about concluding in a medical paper I was reading and how it was a beautiful flower and that the oil from it was a medical marvel. That it was strong on pain than CBD with no after effects and when I tried it I found the medical miracle I needed for my fibromyalgia pain I have carried with me for nearly 25 years. I have tried shots and other pills and they never helped the pain. But when that pain starts and I take a dose of Conolidine my pain is gone within 15-20 minutes and stays gone for many hours. I had them give me the clinical strength and that is what I needed. I have been in seventh heaven when I take a dose and lately Somedays it only takes 1 good dose to relax my body muscles. It also is good with my arthritis which I have had since I was a young woman and it knocks it out with in 20 minutes. So you can’t go wrong with trying it. To it has worked better than the CBD oils I have been trying. Try it I believe you will like it.

-Kathleen Schumann

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