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Wow! I have been struggling to heal my strained IT Band. I went to physical therapy and did my exercises, that main the pain almost tolerable, but I still had pain and walked with a limp. Friends at work were constantly asking what was happening to me. Then I remembered that when my tennis elbow acted up, I used Conolidine Topical and how much it helped and made my pain lessen and then completely disappear. The pain has decreased so much in my IT band that I can do more exercises, helping to strengthen it, making my limp lessen and mostly go away. I am on the way to fully recovering. I love this product! It’s not greasy, doesn’t stain, it soaks in quickly, and I love the light sent (it disappears quickly, but I smell it before I apply it. I think it mentally stimulates my healing). My sister has had back surgery, and I bought her some for Christmas. She uses it on her lower back, and she likes it so much, she, too, is now a loyal customer.

–Samuel Claude

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