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Well, suffering from a very painful spinal stenosis with pain syndrome, I was very happy to discover CONOCB2, the drops. Heaven! No pain in a matter of minutes. It was great and I really made a good stack of it knowing that the secret of success was consistency. However, after less than two months, the pain was coming back, but I didn’t want to give up! I started to re-read all the important things on the GDR Labs site, and I did the right thing. Magnesium, it’s written very clearly, is so important! That was the explanation, I was low in Magnesium, that’s why CONOCB2 was not working for me as great and speedy anymore! But I found immediately the remedy: MagIO, the best and powerful Magnesium in the market! Guess what? After five days of this drops my pain medication worked even better than in the beginning. The moral of the story: don’t ever give up, trust GDR LAbs and read everything carefully!Best to all,

-Radu D.

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