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I have been with pharmorigins for quite a while now and have tried most of their products. My favorites are Conolidine 1 and Conolidine raw reserve. I’ve taken a lot of supplements for pain issues, and these two have worked the best so far with no side effects. They have kept me off opioids. They are not a cure-all, and some days, it seems like they’re not working, but they manage to keep my pain level from 9 to 4, which is fantastic for me. I tried Glucotol to help manage my weight, and well, sorry, I can’t deal with the taste. I can’t deal with the taste. I have tried mixing it with juices, coffee, etc. In the short time I took it, I noticed it helped curb hunger and helped keep me regular. A couple of other supplements I have tried with slight improvement, so that I will stick with the Conolidine products.

–Olivia Sipe

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