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At 78 with four pins at 5ls1 holding my back together for thirty years I am a very grateful and blessed person who found the talented doctor who gave me a future life out of a wheel chair. Doctor 13gave me hope and a possibility of a future even with fibromyalgia and fatigue syndrome. Weather changes can increase my pain as much as doing too much when feeling good. I found ConocoB2 by accident and I am so grateful for this unique product. Having used cbd for over two years with mild success I was shocked the first time using this product! Within the first six minutes I realized my pain had reduced considerably and by 15 minutes it was gone; gave some to my daughter who did not respond as quickly but within 25minutes she said her pain was gone: she could not believe it. This product works better than my prescription meds. If you are in pain,you should try it. Ordered ConocB2Frost can’t wait to try it on my painful areas hoping for the same results. The bursitis in my shoulder is unbearable so I am hoping this product will reduce and maybe eliminate all my pain. If you want relief without dangerous drugs, try these products!

-Janet Johnson

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