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I have MS, type 2 Diabetes & Osteoarthritis with a herniated disc mid-back, cervical stenosis in my neck and a bulging lumbar disc that all leave me with a “low rumble” of constant pain and occasional spikes when I overdo activities. After treating the various pains with OTC maximum strength painkillers for 40 years off and on, & being made aware that I’ve damaged my kidneys and liver by doing so, I researched breaking research that would allow me to lower the pain enough to live a pretty normal life doing what brings me satisfaction low impact exercise, housework & gardening among other things. I am happy to say that clinical strength CONOCB2 has done just that. I take a full dropper under my tongue 2-3 x a day and only have to supplement w/extra strength Tylenol when I’ve REALLY overdone it. It’s not addictive, you can’t overdose on it and it doesn’t make me drowsy or woozy. I haven’t had to rely on prescription pain meds since taking it. I even put the CONOCB2 pain cream on at bedtime for localized pain in neck and shoulders and fingers instead of supplementing w/extra-strength Tylenol. The flavor/smell is nice and it doesn’t burn my throat if I wait two minutes before swallowing. It lowers my pain levels to where I have quality of life without damaging my internal organs. I am very thankful for this supplement and would highly recommend it to anyone with any kind of pain. I am very happy it’s FDA approved, & made in small batches IN AMERICA. It definitely replace OTC pain relievers for minor aches & pains/headaches/etc. and can have a very positive effect on chronic pain

-Cynthia Verhoeven

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