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I was always skeptical about Clint Winters but eventually decided to order some of his products that hardly anyone knew about. Been quite a few years ago. Since then, everything has progressed to where his products were becoming well known. I finally decided to try the Conolindine (sp) topical because I have so much back pain. The spelling is wrong but that’s what it was called first. I’ve since gone through two jars of this amazing product and have ordered numerous other supplements products to see if they would work for me. Nutra IGF 1 for the skin and now I am a fan of Sirtuin Carditrol and Conocb2 liquid for pain and also Conocb2 Frost. Additional bottle of Mag-ion magnesium to help these products work better. Since I started with all of these products, what I have learned is that ‘consistency’ is absolutely required. Taking them ‘hit and miss’ won’t work but since I am now consistent everyday I don’t want to be without. I would tell anybody getting older or in pain that help is here. One issue I have is trying to order the Magnesium Topical instead of the liquid. For some reason my orders won’t go through and that is frustrating as all get out.1`CM,KLKL

-Lydia Stratis

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