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I have had 4 back surgeries and it’s looking like another is looming on the horizon. I’ve taken every kind of opiate pain medication known and am in constant pain. I tried the Conolidine 1 drops and was amazed. I was able to put off taking the opioid medicine for 5 hours, without twisting and writhing in pain. I told my husband and brother that I wanted them to try this because ” I think it really worked”! They both tried it and now each of them use it daily and they no longer eat Tylenol or Aleve at all hours of the day and night. I have ordered the Conolidine 1 twice since I first tried it. I intend to purchase our next order soon. I have tried many other products over many years and have always been disappointed. The Conolidine 1 has done all that it advertised. I am a believer.

-Constance Bennett

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