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To whom this May Concern Conocb2 Clinical Strength Purchased on FaithMy pain Story is one of my Own makingBottom line ,my Neck was Broken two Disc’s ShatteredNew dead Bones installed and metal plates and Screws to hold it in place Pain since July 2015Damage from being Hit by a CarNeck ,shoulder, Ankle , back . With Faith and IBUPROFEN ,and Heavy drugs I CHOSE a Path of Faith and Moderations , and learn to live with pain AND ONLY TAKE DRUGS as a last resort Aka live in pain or be on drugs THAT will change your Mind to a worse place of living in pain.Conocb2 showed up in a Email , as if a Sign was from The man upstairs said some things of this world Take the Leap its ok Conocb2 works for me Like all the meds i have and only use sparingly, I now have a source of Pain Relief that is after a 4 week trial works when the pain reaches beyond my threshold I do not need it daily, but I Feel So much better mentally and no Side effects as of the 4 weeks in use My Trade as a Auto mechanic and a Small home grown Farmer, ride motorcycles,Tandem BIKES on the Board walk in San Diego i am a very Active MAN CONOCB2 WORKS ! No Side effects. I post of my own free will my name is Michael Day my story is very really.

-Michael Day

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