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I am a 100% disabled Air Force Veteran and I live with chronic pain. My pain management team have me on Morphine. Several times there have been discrepancies where the Morphine hasn’t arrived on time. Where I was out of Morphine for over 7 days. The pain returns. Reminding me why I am disabled. And it’s very severe. I have been using Conolidine 1 Clinical Strength for several months and at these times where I am out of Morphine. I used my Conolidine 1 Clinical Strength. It not only eases the pain but I don’t go through withdrawal. I am now substituting Conolidine 1 Clinical Strength for 1 of the Morphing tabs (under the direction of my doctor). It works great. I do some Investigations for the smaller Police departments in Northern Colorado. And when I am having to drive a lot and work as a LEO I can not be on Opioid medication. I then stop the Morphine (as directed by my doctor) and only use Conolidine 1 Clinical Strength. I am able to work and drive with minimal pain. Thank You PHARMORIGINS.

Bruce F Andrews

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