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I’m 68 years old now and my scoliosis has caught up with me over the last two years causing moderate to severe pain in my neck…sometimes so bad that I can’t get a decent night’s sleep. I spent way too much money seeing a Chiropractor last year so I had my doctor refer me to a really good outpatient physical therapy clinic where I learned a lot of stretching, exercising and breathing techniques and that helped me a lot…but I still had some bad nights. Nothing over the counter does anything at all…The doctor offered an opioid prescription but I don’t want to go there at all. I read a lot of health and medical newsletters and stumbled across an ad for Conolidine 750mg and ordered some. It tasted awful…but it really worked and it worked fast, too. When I read about the extra strength Conolidine I (1000mg) I ordered it right away. Not only does it do the trick, it has a new and improved citrus flavor so I don’t have to brush my teeth for ten minutes anymore. This is no hype…it really does work as well as Pharm Origin says it does…and I now sleep soundly every night. If you have joint pain or tensed up muscles from pain I highly recommend their products.

-Stephen Randal Stokes

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