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I have pain in my right shoulder from a car accident. I ordered one bottle of CONCOCB2 thinking that it was an over stated product. If it worked I would purchase more. The first time I tried it I waited for about five minutes to see how it would work. True to the product formula I had a dulling of the pain in my shoulder. Before I went to bed that night I took another dose. Again the same result but I slept evenly and did not toss and turn to get comfortable like usual. In the morning after eating some food I took another dose. I felt stiff and sore in my neck BUT within 2-3 minutes the soreness disappeared…it was almost immediate. Now I take CONNOCB2 once a day religiously. It has been 25 days and the relief is amazing. Ièm going to order more today…..GDR Labs ROCKS..!!!

-william clapham

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