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Since my last trip to Iraq and Afghanistan I had 7 surgeries. Three on my foot. Battling pain has been a challenge. I have been on many opioids over the past 7 years. Some months back I found out about Conolidine 1 and Conolidine RAW Powder. I am no longer on any opioid. Conolidine 1 and RAW Powder are not only relieving my pain but also gives me more energy and less fatigue. When I first heard about the new Conolidine 1 1000mg I was skeptical that it could be better than the 750 MG but it is. And the taste is much better. I will be taking Pharm Origin products probably for the remainder of my life. In addition in battling spasms in my foot that would effect my entire leg I was using Hemp Cream. When Conolidine Topical came out I was skeptical but after using it just a few times I found out how effective it is. I no longer use Hemp Creams. Conolidine Topical all the way!!!

-Bob Calvert

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