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So far I’ve been quite satisfied with the 5-6 different products that I have bought from Pharm Origins, particularly the topical D3 and Astra Skin because I’ve got a couple of big scars from some work-related accidents and from time to time….. actually it’s more like every day…. the scars are almost 20 years old and they can start to itch worse than if I were to lay in a patch of poison ivy!! The scars and skin surrounding them tend to be much drier and so incredibly itchy that I swear I could use a pick-ax to scratch them and it wouldn’t be enough. I usually end up scratching so hard and for so long that I always end up bleeding, which doesn’t really help in the long run because then I end up with more damaged, dry itchy skin and scabs from the scratching….. so when I decided that it couldn’t possibly get any worse, I picked up a jar of the Vitamin D3 Topical and as soon as I started to rub it on my scars and surrounding dry skin, the relief was instant! My only complaint is that I wish I would have known and/or was able to get this topical solution after I was released from the hospital because I know that this topical would have most likely helped my scars heal much nicer and more soothing than I’ve had to deal with for almost 2 decades! Thank you for all your work in your lab helping us everyday people tend to some of our everyday issues without having to resort to chemicals or any other unnatural sources, that will probably most likely end up causing some sort of another issue later on down the road! Once you are hooked into a daily regimen of pills for chronic pain and anxiety and depression…..etc., it just becomes a vicious cycle and honestly, the pain medication after so long of taking it barely works at about 50% and hardly lasts long enough to get any true honest relief! Not to mention the addiction it can and will cause many people to fall victim to, I’ve been taking Tramadol for about 19 years now and I honestly can’t even believe that it works at all anymore, but I really don’t want to start taking anything heavier and more addictive, as it is right now, if I have a tough month and I end up taking a couple extra on bad days such as rainy, humid, the combination of the two along with the pressure…. oh my god the relief just can’t be found and I don’t want to get sick taking too much of that garbage and then when I’m running low or I run out because of a couple bad days, then I start feeling the withdrawal symptoms which are worse than the original pain….. I hate feeling trapped in this nightmare of eating this unnatural synthetic garbage pain reliever that is really only good for short-term use! Anyone that’s in my type of position and deals with chronic pain, anxiety, and PTSD…. the medical field really needs to get people on a better plan/program for long term use, and using natural resources is a much better option, not to mention a much safer option for us unfortunate gimps that struggle every day just to get through the day without feeling so exhausted from the struggle that you feel like you’ve been digging a ditch all day long in 90-degree heat and humidity! Thank you once again for your help, we appreciate your time and efforts! -Adrian Smith

–Ace S

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