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I have been using CONOCB2 liquid and cream for one month. I am so pleased because it really works!I am 70 years old. My main problem is arthritic pain in both hips and in the lower back. Every morning when I just woke up, I would have a sharp back spasm. To get around in the house, I would use an upright rollator. Outside I would switch to a pair of trekking poles, if I was having a good day. For the last nine months, I could not move about without these aids.After three days using CONOCB2, my morning back spasms disappeared. After one week, no more hip pain. All that’s left now is occasional stiffness in my middle lower back. I can now move about without any aid for a distance of 100 feet, in my yard or when running errands.The CONOCB2 liquid is regular strength, which I use every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon when I am planning strenuous yard work. The cream is clinical strength, which I apply only once a day in the morning to my hips and lower back.Thank you GDR Labs for a fantastic product!

-Michael Kaczmarski 

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