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The Conolidine topical cream CONOCB2 cream is the best sports recovery cream I have ever used. I am aging weekend warrior and recently had the opportunity to try this product, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the effects in reducing muscle soreness and pain.It has a lightweight texture and non-greasy which makes the post workout application very easy to apply and absorbed in to the skin, without worrying about getting greasy residue all over my clothes. I noticed it is fast-acting and I only need a small amount. Unlike other products that I needed to spread copious amounts, CONOCB2 only requires a small amount, which makes it much more cost effective. I was so impressed I gave some to my Mother-in-Law who suffers from painful arthritis, and she also found it to be an outstanding product. We will be purchasing more for our family. If you want to say goodbye to nagging muscle soreness and hello to a swift recovery, give this product a try.

-William McGowan

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