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My husband was not able to walk more than 50 ft for many years since 2009 when he had the worst reaction possible to a statin drug for cholesterol–the laymen’s term is muscle myopathy. He had a failed cervical spine surgery in 2010 and then began to suffer from what the Drs called neuropathy, or permanent nerve damage from his knees down. The pain he suffered was excruciating. Late last year, I found this company and decided to take a chance on their pain relief supplement, Conolidine1. While this helped with pain mgmt, it still didn’t stop the problem. Because this product worked so well for both of us, I decided to order their heart supplement, then called Cholafarin, now called Cardiotrol. We got it for blood pressure mgmt, but within 4 days, his leg pain began to subside. Within 2 weeks, his leg pain below his knees had CEASED COMPLETELY! He did not have neuropathy, but he had poor circulation. He can now walk anywhere and for as long as he chooses, with NO Pain! His BP is also under control with no pharmaceutical drugs. We have now added their Core product and their mineral complex to our daily regimen, along with Neurotol for our brain health. We have both been on narcotics for chronic pain, me the longest for over 20 years having a condition called accelerated degenerative disc disease, with 3 spinal surgeries done. Yes, my surgeries were successful, but the pain was still a problem for me. At this time, we are both weaning ourselves off of narcotic drugs for pain mgmt, and switching over to Conolidine1, another product that is also from a natural source that is not from Pharm Origins at this time. The reason for the additional product at this time is for withdrawal mgmt. I don’t expect to have to use the additional product forever, just for a short term, and since it is not from Pharm Origins, I don’t feel it is right to name it here. But the real pain relief is in the Conolidine. We also use their Topical Conolidine, which is also an excellent product for pain mgmt that we have plenty of stock in our cabinet now. Please try their products. You will never regret it. While I do get impatient with how long it sometimes takes for shipping and delivery, I understand that it takes longer to make and send freshly made products that have not been sitting on a shelf for months or years. And not only their products, but their customer service reps are some of the kindest and most professional I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. TY Pharm Origins. You have sincerely changed my husband’s and my life.

–Jackie Lassiter

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