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I have benefitted greatly from several of the GDR LABS products especially the CONOCB2. After a fall many years ago I was in constant pain all day long. I went to pain clinics, saw specialists, had procedure after procedure with either little effect or relief that didn’t last. I had a doctor tell me that I was just going to have to get used to being in pain and would likely take strong pain medicines for the rest of my life. Then I tried CONOCB2 and was amazed at how I felt. The pain was almost unnoticeable. While I’m still on some pain medicine it is not all that strong and a very low dose in comparison. I’m hoping with the help of CONOCB2 I’ll be able to get stronger and lower the dose further or possibly even come off pain medicine altogether. I’ve never taken anything for pain that didn’t have side effects but CONOCB2 dose not seem to have any adverse effects and the benefits from the products has been unmatched.

-Carrie White

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