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I received four different products. I tried Nutra-IGF, Phyto test and Condolonine together and I instantly noticed the IGF had a very stimulating effect on both my brain and central nervous system. I knew there and then what I had in my hands was going to be powerful. Then the phyto test really jolted me into a totally different mode. I started moving and thinking differently, and I almost had too much energy at first. I only start with a small amount of Neurotol as it was already 5 o clock. Then I deicided to make a great dinner to top it off. Salmon with rice/guac and salad. Then I took the rest of the neurotol serving to really gauge the combined effect. And I was blown away, my mind was wired and I felt like I could listen to and absorb information effortlessly like the way I have for so many years. It got even better that night, the phyto test had a dramatic effect on my self-esteem. I felt a stronger connection to the lyrics of music. I felt great about myself for a change and that feeling lasted, the memory is sealed and I can absolutley say these products are tremendous and worth stocking up on.

-Mitchell Blaska

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