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This is an excellent product. I order for my mother, who is 93, with severe arthritis pain in her shoulders and knees. We started using this on her simply by accident. She had been using a compounded formula that was supposed to exceed anything on the market. Of course, it was a prescription. She’d been on the prescribed lotion for two or three years. Every so often, the pharmacist would make a mistake in the compounding. This was one of those times. I’d ordered myself some of the Conolidine Topical for fibromyalgia pain. I’d not yet opened the jar, so I took it to my mother. Her caregivers started using it on her while waiting for the new batch of lotion to be mixed. We had several days before I got the prescription back to her. In the next few days, one of the caregivers mentioned that she felt like my mother had responded better to the Conolidine than the prescription lotion. She said her knee never locked up on her while she was using the cream but had started back locking since they’d started on the prescription lotion.

–Daniel Warren

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