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I bought CONOLIDINE I simply as yet another gamble. Hoping to find something to give me some relief from incessant migraines. To my great pleasure, and surprise, the stuff works!!! For my level of pain i have to take the “medicine” again in about 90 minutes. But it does continue to work. I have given bottles to relatives and told my neurologist about how well it works. I am on my 4th bottle in 2 and 1/2 months despite the not-awesome taste. I do have to say, however, that the latest delivery (night time conolidine) sat in our area’s metal group mailboxes out by the gate for the better part of a week while i was suffering through a 10-day migraine. By the time i picked up the mail, the cardbox itself felt like it was nearly 180 degrees. Of course it will need to be returned. I live in the Phoenix area. Deliveries to me need to come to the front door. And i need to be expecting them, so that some one is home at the right time. Other companies operate on this basis here. This is important for the receipt of a quality product. Thanks.

-Ann Goulka

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