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I first purchased this product when researching to help my family member with bursitis and neuropathy in his right foot. He was also diagnosed with arthritis in his big toe, affecting his balance and ability to walk distances. Upon delivery, we began using Conolidine Topical 3 times a day. Within a few days, he had regained some feeling in areas affected by his neuropathy. After approximately seven days, his big toe was beginning to have slight mobility, and the swelling from his bursitis showed signs of improvement. We are now applying Conolidine Topical twice daily (morning and night) and continue to see progress. We have also noticed that a bunion he has had for years on the same affected foot has begun to shrink, allowing for even more comfort. It is a relief to see him be able to be more ambulatory and his pain level significantly decrease. If you are suffering and applications of Conolidine Topical could be tried on the affected area, we would strongly recommend trying this product.

–Shawn M. Wilson

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